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Infiniti-Blue is creating a circular economy with medical products and personal care products that are made from 100% #5 polypropylene and Infiniti-Blue 360 degree technology.  All products can be completely recyclable after use.

Infiniti-Blue uses life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets to detail the inputs and outputs of recycled and virgin polypropylene – everything used to make polypropylene as well as all the waste created by the manufacturing process (including water usage, energy usage, pollutants, etc.).


  • Polypropylene Pellets
  • Polypropylene denture box
  • Polypropylene soap tray,
  • Medical Devices and Disposables

Polypropylene Pellets

Denture Box

Soap Trays

Surgery Trays


  • Combs and hairbrushes 
  • Razors
  • Packing material, remolded products
  • Household and kitchen general use

Brushes and Combs

Disposable Razors

General Use

Blue Wrap -Creating a circular economy – Repurposing

Infiniti-Blue has developed a step-by-step program to assist healthcare facilities in successfully recycling sterilization wrap.

Medical facilities across the United States and Canada are now able to recycle their used, clean, sterilization wrap, made from #5 polypropylene fabrics, recyclables, and other plastics.  And Infiniti-Blue is the recycling partner of choice in your area who can help you.

Starting today.