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Infiniti-Blue provides several waste solutions for hundreds of healthcare facilities throughout United States and Canada.  Infiniti-Blue can design a recycling and waste removal program tailored to fit the needs of your unique facility.  Did you know up to 85% of a hospital’s waste can be recycled? This is all the more reason for you to begin your own hospital recycling program today.

Consulting for Hospital Efficiency 

  • Internal Medical Waste Audit
  • Facilitate External Medical Waste Management
  • Design Workable Custom Recycle and Disposable Programs
  • Staff Education and Training

Integration for Sustainable Principles

In order to take control of the internal processes necessary to manage the waste streams and energy output within an organization several business and social principles are employed to assure a “sustainable” waste management program. These principles assure the maximum benefits for the hospital while extracting the greatest economic savings possible.  This includes:

  • Environmental Protection Services 
  • Economic Justification and Success
  • Competitive Advantage and Market Differentiation
  • Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

What this means to the Bottom Line

By implementing energy use reduction, waste reduction, and more efficient purchase of operating room supplies, savings could exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars over five years, and millions of dollars over 10 years. 

Since conservative assumptions are used, actual savings may be even higher.

Research shows that, given the return on investment, all hospitals should adopt such greening programs.